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What is CorrLoc CLOUT?

CLOUT, (Combined Leverage of a United Team) is the acronym for members of the CorrLoc LLC Licensing Program. Building on the strength of the Licensing Partnership, CLOUT members can learn from each other, socialize best practice, and grow their businesses by working together.

Why Become a CLOUT Partner?

1. Create a foundation for success.
2. Understand how to best utilize IP.
3. Standardization
4. Buying Power (Collective)
5. Access to Network
6. National Reach
7. Branding
8. Engineering: Testing & Support
9. Quoting: Training
10. Sales Support
11. Product Launch Support



Becoming A CLOUT Partner

The CLOUT Partner Checklist provides a direct path to success by helping licensees become production ready in 13 weeks or less. *Subject to equipment availability.

Manufacturing Process

Partner success is key to CorrLoc’s vision to have a national manufacturing footprint. Partner support will always be a focus of the CorrLoc Licensee program. SOPs are designed to lead partners step-by-step to successful manufacturing.


CorrLoc equipment is efficient and easy to use. Our equipment is designed with your business processes in mind to be the most effective tools to get the job done the right way.


Custom engineered CorrLoc products are designed in 3D CAD software using geometry found in nature. The golden ratio is a mathematical proportion seen repeatedly in plants, shells, animal bodies, architecture, and art. The base of all of CorrLoc’s products, the patented Rail design, has been modeled using this pattern.


In order to take full advantage of your CLOUT membership you will need to use our approved materials. Using our materials is required for all CLOUT Partners in order to ensure that all CorrLoc that is produced is up to our quality standards. CLOUT provides an opportunity to negotiate with vendors as a group, to increase purchasing power on CorrLoc related supplies: corrugate, honeycomb, glue. 

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Pricing Structure

The goal of CLOUT is to be the best solution for your individual product needs. That means that our pricing structure isn't defined and is very customizable. No matter the size of your manufacturing process, CLOUT is scaleable to your needs.

Weight Savings

CorrLoc Pallets are 65–85% lighter than a typical GMA wood pallet and 87% lighter than a leased wood pallet. 


Cost Savings

The weight savings are equivalent to one free truckload for every 27 truckloads shipped.

Air freight savings exceed $1,000,000 converting just 17,000 wood pallets to CorrLoc Pallets.

CorrLoc Pallets also save $62.50 per truck per year for Single Stacked Loads, and $125 per truck per year for Double Stacked Loads.


CorrLoc Products also significantly reduce damage to:

  • Store Fixtures
  • Shipping Instruments
  • Floors
  • Trucks
  • Product

Trees Saved

CorrLoc Pallets contain just ⅓ of the lumber used in a standard wood pallet. They are also 100% recyclable and reusable.

CLOUT Benefits



Put our technology to the test and watch it conquer your toughest tasks. The CorrLoc rail, at the core of all of our products, was designed using natural physics to be the strongest base. It can hold 15,000 pounds of static load without the associated weight of wood pallets.


Our corrugate pallets can tackle any job that wood pallets can without the sanitation issues. Corrugate carries no risk of infestation and does not have to be heat treated. 


CorrLoc prides itself on being a responsible company. We want to help your business be responsible too. You don’t have to sacrifice anything when you go green with CorrLoc. In fact, our 100% recyclable products are eco-conscious, and save you money. They are also resistant to molds and pests, eliminating the use of harmful chemical treatments.

Case Studies

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Become a profitable independent CorrLoc CLOUT member.